MUV601 Assignment 3 – Week 5 Polishing the Build

Third to last post for the Assignment, onwards along the final stretch! This week it was time to polish the build up and put on the final touches so, without further ado, my final update post.

Laser Light Extra Effects

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So far I had a laser light that would spin, could be turned on and off, and produce some light, however, it was missing a something… although it was moving, it just felt so… static. I realized that the light needed to change or flash, like a real party light! So I added some additional code to the script and I think the final result worked great!

The slideshow doesn’t do it justice, you need to see it in pers.. uh.. in world!

Ambient Sound

With the updated laser light the overall feel of the bar was getting better but I wanted to build the atmosphere even more! so I hunted for a royalty-free bar ambiance clip, uploaded this Second Life and added it in.

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With it playing, I wanted a way to turn it on or off, so I thought chat commands would be fun.

Music and Controls!

With the underlying ambiance set, it was time to build on that and add something that every bar needs, MUSIC! Plus I needed to make use of the monitor and mixer that I built last week!

Again, I looked for royalty free music and came across a few clips that were royalty free, however,  Second Life only allows a maximum of 10 seconds for audio clips and they were all much longer so, I got busy with Audacity.


With the clips cut down to under 10 seconds, it was time to get them uploaded to Second Life and playing in-world. This involved three scripts, one to change the music (in the monitor), one to adjust the volume (in the mixer) and one to play the music (in the roof? it seemed to work alright).

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Of course, Isa reminded me I needed to be able to turn this on and off as well! so I added the “Off” option to the mixer.

Exterior Work

Finally, the outside of my bar was looking pretty bland, so I made a texture to act as a sign and uploaded that, then added it to the outside and put some “glow” on it to make it stand out.


Requirements that Have Been Met


Met Justification To Do

This work has covered the following requirements for content creation:

  • A minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300 prims, sculpties or mesh objects used in the construction, with a combined land impact of no more than 350 
    • Land impact sitting at 302…
  • At least three different primitive types (i.e. Sphere, Torus, etc.)
    • Check: Cube, Hemicylinder, Cylinder, and Torus
  • At least four different forms of prim manipulation (i.e. Cut, Twist, etc.)
    • Twist, Taper, Hollow, and Slice
  • The use of different textures and colours throughout the build with consideration given to using appropriate textures, texture repeats, offsets and rotations
    • To complete the build, I looked around more closely at my texturing and I feel that everything looks pretty good. Some things could maybe be better, however, I don’t think it’s a big deal since a) I’m a complete amateur and b) I’m going for interactivity over aesthetics.
  • At least two different texture manipulations (i.e. Glow, Shininess, etc.)
    • Glow on the new sign outside, on the lights above the bar and on the laser lights, Shininess on the dance ball
  • The appropriate use of multiple textures on a prim
    • The walls and roof have multiple textures on the inside and outside of the building? 
  • The appropriate scale for purpose both in construction and texture use
    • Again, I personally think that I’ve done a pretty good job of this but I’ll just have to wait and see what Isa says!

And the following requirements for complex interactivity:

  1. I will implement a scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner by adding automatic doors to the pub.
  2. I will have a prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar in the form of a notecard being passed to the Avatar.
  3. I will attempt to use an appropriate particle system to implement decorations such as candles.
  4. I will include a link out to a web page by including “advertisements” that users can click on and be taken to the website of the product.
  5. Naturally, the sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar will be included as seating is an important aspect of a pub.
  6. I will implement Prim movement through scripting by making the laser light spin over the dance floor and opening the Sliding Doors at the entrance.

And with that, all the requirements have been met and that brings me to the end of the building part of the assignment. Stay tuned for the final product post!


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