MUV601 Assignment 3 – Week 3 Dance Area Cont. and More Scripting!

This has been a great week for learning due to the numerous problems that I encountered, unfortunately, this means that I have not completed as much as I had hoped to as a very large amount of time was spent solving the problems.

Dance Area Continued

This week I wanted to complete the dance area, however, I ran into a bit of a problem, when I started constructing the barrels I realized that adding them may put me over the prim/land impact limit for the assignment! that went quickly! So I decided to try my hand at using Blender to create the barrels in the hopes that it would reduce the land impact required for them. This was quite a fun experience as it had been over 10 years since I last attempted 3D modeling!

My first attempt was not too shabby, so I thought, however when I went to upload it to Second Life the upload option was greyed out, I later discovered that it may be due to the smoothing or texturing that I did in Blender, I’m not sure!

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So I re-made the barrel, which was much faster this time, and I used the “Generate Normals” option while uploading to do the smoothing for me.

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This resulted in a barrel with a land impact of 4, opposed to the 6 that it would be if it was simply made with prims, which was not a great saving but it was a saving nonetheless. Next, I added the textures in Second Life, this did not look as good as in Blender but it was better than nothing. Finally, I duplicated the barrel and stacked some by the wall.





Sitting Scripts

This is the task that took up most of my time, particularly the seating in the middle of the bar. Firstly I tackled the bar stools, for these I wanted to add the option of sitting in different poses and being able to turn to the left or right, however, I eventually settled for just adding the poses, this is because turning the avatar while still sitting proved to be quite difficult!

Adding the pose options also had the issue of moving the position of the avatar away from the seat which, obviously, was not desirable. I spent a good chunk of time “fine-tuning” the seating positions for each pose, while also adding a chunk of script from the Linden Lab Wiki which allowed me to move the avatar position while still seated.

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In the process of scripting the bar stools I also found yet another bug with the Dance Ball script which meant it was “listening” to the bar stools dialog and throwing an error. Through this, I learned about “Listen Handlers” and implemented this into both the Dance Ball and the bar stool scripts.

After spending far too long on it, I finished fine tuning the bar stool script and the poses were working.

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Next, on to the center seating and what a NIGHTMARE! Why I opted for angled seating I have no idea! The process of trying to set the llSitTarget on these chairs almost pushed me to change the angles of the chairs, however, after hours of struggling, I found a huge helping hand online with the Magic Sit System Box, which truly worked like MAGIC! It took me from struggling to “achieve” a sitting angle like this:


To quickly and easily sitting like this:


With all chairs done in under 5 minutes! Next, I need to work on the stand position, however, I decided that will be a task for next week.

Improving the Laser Light Script

I wanted to add the option of turning the laser light on and off, this was a fairly straightforward task, just adding a “switch” variable and changing some parameters with the touch event. This is difficult to show in a picture so you’ll just have to come and try it out ūüėČ

Sliding Doors

My final task for the week was the sliding doors which, to my surprise, was also quite an easy task. I opted to keep the doors un-linked from the building and from each other, I then simply used the scanning system on the left door to detect when an avatar approaches.

On the detect (or non-detect), a message is sent on a “private/invisible” channel, the right door is then scripted to listen for the message and open/close depending on the message it receives from the left door. There is also a welcome message scripted, however, this also happens when leaving so I need to work on that next week as well.


Finally, doors that open!

Requirements that Have Been Met


Met Justification To Do

This work has covered the following requirements for content creation:

  • A minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300 prims, sculpties or mesh objects used in the construction, with a combined land impact of¬†no more¬†than 350¬†
    • Land impact sitting at 293…
  • At least three different primitive types (i.e. Sphere, Torus, etc.)
    • Check: Cube, Hemicylinder, Cylinder, and Torus
  • At least four different forms of prim manipulation (i.e. Cut, Twist, etc.)
    • Twist, Taper, Hollow, and Slice
  • The use of different textures and colours throughout the build with consideration given to using appropriate textures, texture repeats, offsets and rotations
    • I have done some work on this, however, this will not be finished until the build is complete
  • At least two different texture manipulations (i.e. Glow, Shininess, etc.)
    • Glow on the lights above the bar and on the laser lights, Shininess on the dance ball
  • The appropriate use of multiple textures on a prim
    • The walls and roof have multiple textures on the inside and outside of the building?¬†
  • The appropriate scale for purpose both in construction and texture use
    • Again, I will check this off when the build is complete

And the following requirements for complex interactivity:

  1. I will implement a scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner by adding automatic doors to the pub.
  2. I will have a prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar in the form of a notecard being passed to the Avatar.
  3. I will attempt to use an appropriate particle system to implement decorations such as candles.
  4. I will include¬†a link out to a web page¬†by including ‚Äúadvertisements‚ÄĚ that users can click on and be taken to the website of the product.
  5. Naturally,¬†the sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either ‚Äúseating‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúteleporting‚ÄĚ the avatar¬†will be included as seating is an important aspect of a pub.
  6. I will implement Prim movement through scripting by making the laser light spin over the dance floor and opening the Sliding Doors at the entrance.

To Accomplish Next Week

Next week I will first and foremost work on the remaining requirements for complex interactivity by scripting the notecard and working on adding advertisement with links out.

If I get time after this, I will work on the Dance Ball and possibly continue working on the seating scripts and, at this point, it looks like I will be adding a “false” wall to back of the bar with a texture containing the drinks which won’t look as good but will be closer to the desired look.


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