MUV601 Assignment 3 – Week 1 Laying the Foundations, Plus some

I will be covering quite a lot of the building aspects of the pub in this post, this is because I had the opportunity to start this assignment very early and, because of the spare time I had at that point, I managed to complete the in world work for weeks one (1) and two (2), and most of week three (3) within a few days, documenting everything as I went.

However, after beginning this assignment I had a long break due to a rapid and sudden increase in workload from my other courses, however, I am now ready to continue this assignment and stick to the remainder of the plan and, because I am still ahead of schedule at this point, I should be able to put more time into scripting and other details to improve the overall feel of the environment, which I hope will provide an even better end product.

Laying the Foundations

The first step was to lay the foundations, so I started by laying down some “grass”, in the form of a very thin but giant prim that covered my whole building platform, then I placed another prim to act as the floor of the pub.

I opted to use random colours for the different parts of the building to help distinguish their locations while piecing it together. To further help with the alignment, I took advantage of the grid system, making sure that each prim was located on a rounded number position on each axis (XYZ) and using the grid ruler for “snapping” the prims into place.


With the foundations down, it was time to add some walls. I made three long walls along the sides and the back of the pub and, to accommodate the front doors, I added two shorter walls in the front and added the doors.2

Next, I tackled the roof. I opted to go for a flat roof as it was much easier to align properly compared to a triangle roof and it allowed me to have the ceiling higher inside the building, also it could be made from just two prims.


That was all the work that I had planned for the first week of construction and I had budgeted 4 hours to get this done, however, this really only took me about 1 and a half hours to complete.

Texturing Building

Becuase constructing the building was far easier than I expected, I moved on to the initial texturing. For the outside, I picked a contrasting wood and concrete look, with wooden looking walls and a concrete roof, I also added a walnut frame to the doors with some tinted glass.


Moving inside, I wanted to add some details, I looked at the construction of other pub buildings in Second Life, and from my task plan post the two bars had something in common, beams across the ceiling, which helped to break up the flat surface and added nice depth, so I decided to add some to my building.


Initially, I had a very brownish/red colour scheme, which I thought looked okay while it was empty, however, when I started on the seating area it started to “feel” wrong, it just seemed too much, so I changed the walls and ceiling back to the original grey concrete look, which helped to break up the area some more and the seats stopped blending into the walls. As you can see in the comparison below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This whole process took about 1 and a half hours to complete as well, including adding the “booth” seating and this is where I decided to stop on the first day.

Seating Area

For the seating area, I wanted to include some “booth” seating and some table and chair seating. Naturally, the booths are located along the wall and the tables are in the centre of the seating area. As shown above, the booths consist of bench seats and a large table in the centre.

With the booths completed, I moved onto the tables and chairs, which ended up having a rather large land impact, however, they are a necessary feature of the pub. I constructed a circle table with four chairs, once I was happy with the construction, I copied it four times to fill in the seating area.


Finally, I added a few minor details to the seating area, including some candles and posters which will eventually hold some advertisements.7

Once again, I had budgeted a whole week, plus some, to complete this work, however, this only took me approximately 2 hours, which left me time to move onto the bar.

Bar Area

The bar needed to consist of two areas, the main bar for the customers and the back bar for imaginary “staff”, so I started by building these two structures. Next, I added some minor details to the front of the main bar to break up the plain flat surface.


Next, I added some shelving and posters to the back wall to complete the structure of the back bar. I plan to come back and add additional details to the shelving depending on my remaining land impact once the rest of the bar has been built, if I run out of “wiggle room” then I will look to remove the individual shelves and a add a prim with a texture that includes the details (such as bottles etc.) without having to create them as individual items.


This whole process took a lot longer than I anticipated due to external distractions that were present on this day, however, I managed to complete the seating in front of the bar as well.


Later I also want to add some lighting above the bar and I need to fix the seating direction for avatars as at this point it is difficult to face the bar so I will look to add a script to accomplish this, potentially with options of facing different directions.

Requirements that Have Been Met


Met Justification To Do

This work has covered the following requirements for content creation:

  • A minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300 prims, sculpties or mesh objects used in the construction, with a combined land impact of no more than 350 
    • Over 200 prims already
  • At least three different primitive types (i.e. Sphere, Torus, etc.)
    • Check: Cube, Hemicylinder, Cylinder, and Torus
  • At least four different forms of prim manipulation (i.e. Cut, Twist, etc.)
    • Twist, Taper, and Hollow so far
  • The use of different textures and colours throughout the build with consideration given to using appropriate textures, texture repeats, offsets and rotations
    • I have done some work on this, however, this will not be finished until the build is complete
  • At least two different texture manipulations (i.e. Glow, Shininess, etc.)
  • The appropriate use of multiple textures on a prim
    • The walls and roof have multiple textures on the inside and outside of the building? 
  • The appropriate scale for purpose both in construction and texture use

And the following requirements for complex interactivity:

  1. I will implement a scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner by adding automatic doors to the pub.
  2. I will have a prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar in the form of a notecard being passed to the Avatar. 
  3. I will attempt to use an appropriate particle system to implement decorations such as candles and, potentially, a laser light.
  4. I will include a link out to a web page by including “advertisements” that users can click on and be taken to the website of the product.
  5. Naturally, the sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar will be included as seating is an important aspect of a pub.
  6. I will implement Prim movement through scripting by making the laser light spin over the dance floor.

To Accomplish Next Week

Next week I want to add some lighting to the bar (which should add another prim manipulation and texture manipulations) and start constructing the dance area (which should also add another prim manipulation and potentially texture manipulations too).


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